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Transform Your Therapy Practice with the Power of AI.

Our AI-based therapy assistant products help counselors, psychotherapists, and psychologists streamline their work and take their therapy practice to the next level.

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As a special offer to our early users, we're offering a free trial for a limited time. What are included:

Full accurate transcription for your reference
Comprehensive summary notes
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As a special offer to our early users, we're offering a free trial for a limited time. What are included:

Transcription & summary notes
Detailed evaluation and feedback
Actionable expert level insights and tips
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Happy Customers

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“I've been using the AI-powered Note Taker assistant for several months now, and it's been a game changer for both my practice and my clients. Before using this tool, I found it distracting and time-consuming to take notes during sessions and summarize them afterwards. But with the assistant, I can focus on the conversation and trust that important facts are being captured and organized for me. The insights AI offers have also been invaluable in helping me structure my therapy session..”
“Insight Buddy has been instrumental in helping me find the perfect therapist. The expert-level evaluation provided me with the necessary validation and justification for my feelings during therapy sessions. This invaluable tool helped me make an informed decision and choose a therapist who truly understands my needs. Thanks to Insight Buddy, I am now on a transformative journey with a therapist who supports and empowers me every step of the way.”
“Insight Buddy has been a game-changer for me as a therapist. The expert-level feedback I received has truly elevated my skills and transformed the way I approach my practice. The valuable insights and actionable recommendations have allowed me to fine-tune my techniques, resulting in better outcomes for my clients. I highly recommend Insight Buddy to any therapist looking to take their skills to the next level.”

What We Do?

The service we offer is specifically designed to meet your needs.

Automated Note-taking

Our AI-powered TheraMemo tool automates note-taking during therapy sessions, freeing up time for therapists to focus on patient care.

Skill Boost Evaluation

Offer AI-enabled Insight Buddy virtual assistant enhances your therapeutic skills with expert-level evaluation and feedback products.

Secure and Confidential

Our platform prioritizes privacy and data security. While we are actively working towards HIPAA and GDPR compliance, we are committed to safeguarding therapist and patient information. Rest assured, we do not store personal therapy data or sell data.

Customer Satisfaction

We make your spending stress-free for you to have the perfect control.

Our product offers a flexible pricing model that caters to both new and established psychotherapists. Customers can try it for free for a limited sessions, and then choose between a monthly and annual subscription or pay-per-session rates. This allows therapists to select the option that works best for their practice and budget, while still getting the benefits of our AI-based therapy assistant tool.


Therapist customer Satisfaction


Repeat clients for each therapist

What Makes Us Different?

We bring solutions to make life easier for our customers.


Our team has extensive AI and software engineering experience, allowing us to create a cutting-edge product.


We understand the importance of mental health care and are committed to creating a compassionate product.


We are constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible in supporting mental health care practice.


We work closely with therapists and provide exceptional support to ensure our product meets their needs.